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1. LATE STUDENTS:  The doors to the elementary center are closed at 8:25 AM. If you are dropping your student(s) off after the doors are closed, you MUST come into the building with them and sign them in. They are considered tardy, at this time. Students may NOT just be dropped off to enter late, alone. 

2.  Cafeteria Money:  Cafeteria money needs to be in an envelope/sandwich bag  with the child's first and last name as well as their pin number.  Do not send money with just a sticky note and name only.

3. Dismissal During the School Day
If for some reason you must remove your child from school during the day, please indicate your intent by sending a notice (including day, time, purpose) to the classroom teacher. The child will be dismissed through the office and not from the classroom. Please adhere to this practice for the safety and welfare of your children. Parents/Guardians are required to sign the appropriate ledger in each elementary building office." Once the note is received by the teacher it will be forwarded to the office.  

4. Arrive on time for school:  Students must be in school by 8:25 AM.  Doors open at 8:05 AM.  Students may not be dropped off prior to 8:05 AM.  Students being dropped off after 8:25 (doors are closed) must be accompanied in by an adult and signed in.  

5. End of day dismissal begins at 3:05 PM.

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